Jacoba van Egmond

“Emotional intelligence is a major determinant of your success as a leader in organisations.”

BarOn EQ-i © Emotional Intelligence Test

  • How well are you in touch with your own emotions and do you understand them?
  • How well can you express your needs?
  • What is your self-image and does it correspond to how others see you?
  • How well can you “read”, understand and deal with other people’s emotions?
  • How well can you face reality and include it in your actions and the choices that you make?
  • How flexible are you and can you adapt to changing circumstances?
  • How well can you handle stress?
  • To what extent are you a problem solver?
  • How happy and successful are you in your life?

Are you somehow unable to answer one or more of the above questions? Do they stand in the way of your happiness and success in life? If so, developing your emotional intelligence can help you find the answers.

A well-developed emotional intelligence enables you to deal with your environment and challenges in a satisfactory and successful manner, by learning how to use your inner strength, better assess other people and learn how to perform in social situations. You will be better able to connect with others and understand what is needed for others to want to connect with you. Emotional intelligence is therefore a major determinant of your success as a leader in organisations.

The BarOn EQ-i © is one of the most thorough emotional intelligence tests. The model is based on more than 25 years of scientific research. The BarOn EQ-i ©:

  • Identifies emotional intelligence with scores on 15 factors
  • Reveals deeper personal themes
  • Is used by large companies to support personal leadership and leadership development

I am a license holder of the BarOn EQ-i © test. I will send you the code for taking the online test, so you can take the test at any time that suits you. We will discuss the report together in a coaching session. It will give you insight into your emotional intelligence and many tools and tips on how to develop it further. We will work on this in a practical way in the coaching process that you follow with me.

These are some of the benefits of developing your emotional intelligence:

  • You understand where your emotions and feelings come from
  • You are an excellent manager of your feelings
  • You have a realistic and positive opinion of yourself
  • You are empathetic: you understand other people’s emotions and feelings better and can respond to them more appropriately
  • You can handle stress well
  • You adapt your thoughts, feelings and beliefs more easily to changing circumstances
  • You take better decisions and are more decisive
  • You come up with more effective solutions to problems
  • You are motivated to reach your goal
  • You are optimistic; in adversity, you persevere and keep a positive outlook