Jacoba van Egmond

“If you can dream it, you can do it.” - Walt Disney


European Accredited Master Practitioner

I am a European accredited Master Practitioner Coach. This is the highest accreditation awarded by the association for professional coaches: NOBCO.

NOBCO regards a solid and recognisable quality mark indispensable in the professionalisation of the coaching profession. NOBCO uses European Individual Accreditation (EIA). This European accreditation system for professional coaches has four levels:

  1. Foundation
  2. Practitioner
  3. Senior Practitioner
  4. Master Practitioner

The level of Master Practitioner applies to those who:

  • Work as a professional coach and have developed their own sound professional approach based on a wide range of models and frameworks and their own experience
  • Work with very diverse clients, environments and organisations
  • Have made a proven personal contribution to the field at Master Practitioner level

What coachees are saying:

  • “Jacoba held up a mirror to me, confronted me in a pleasant way, encouraged me and showed me that I can do it and do it well. She moved in tandem with me, addressed issues that were important in the now and then took it to another level. She can analyse quickly and effectively and has many tools in her toolbox. Surprising and insightful.”  - Educational Manager of University of Applied Sciences
  • “Jacoba has a keen insight into what I needed at any given time, and a very rich palette of resources to work with.” - College teacher
  •  “Jacoba’s approach is strong as she has the power of persuasion, she listens properly, trying to understand the core of each specific goal which is then discussed in detail. She provides you with techniques which she shows by herself and then practises them with you, so that you can learn the right way to use them. Jacoba is a unique person with a very special personality.”  - Project Controller Space Services
  •  “Jacoba has guided me along my path with great expertise. She has proven herself to be a reliable travelling companion who is there when I need her and who never thought a question was out of line or too difficult.” - University Faculty Manager
  • “I think the most important role that the coach has provided is being a very realistic mirror. I have also felt confident to learn.” - Team leader Forensic Centre  
  •  “Jacoba has made me aware of my qualities and my pitfalls. She has been able, through various coaching sessions, to shake me out of my mental comfort zone and make me aware of ineffective behaviour, taking me a step further in thinking and feeling each time.”  - Manager Healthcare Institution
  •  “She listens very well understanding potential problems as well as identifying the room to improve. She knows how to provide powerful tools to reach the coaching goals.” - Researcher Space Industry
  • “The talks provided structure and a sense of calm, things that I easily overlook myself. Finding moments of calm, asking sharp questions.” - Pharmaceutical Director
  •  “Jacoba has acted as an important external mirror in working out plans.” - Manager Crop Science Industry

About team coaching:

  • “Jacoba knows how to get to the heart of the matter by probing.”
  •  “Jacoba calls a spade a spade, which was confrontational, especially at the beginning. She knows how to create an atmosphere of openness and trust.”
  • “Jacoba has kept a clear overview and ensured that we did not get bogged down in things of the past.”
  • “Jacoba can give a clearer insight into people’s differences and qualities.”

About intervision coaching:

  • “Thanks to the case analyses, I have learned to look at a problem from multiple perspectives.”
  • “It has exceeded my expectations. I had heard of intervision before and had been involved in an intervision before, but did not know how pleasant it can be.”
  • “Jacoba provided clear structure to each session, with enough time during the session to pause and reflect on the content of each case.”