Jacoba van Egmond

“You can compare burnout with the battery of your phone that you haven’t put on the charger in time.”

Stress and burnout

…and how to recover

  • Have you had a “short fuse” lately?
  • Are you very forgetful?
  • Do you feel very tired and lethargic?
  • Do you feel agitated and do you find it hard to relax?
  • Are you unable to recharge, so that you start the day tired?
  • Do you feel nervous and tense?
  • Are you not sleeping well and do you worry a lot?
  • Do you have weak immune system and do you fall ill easily?
  • Are you having trouble making decisions?

If you recognise one or more of the above symptoms in yourself, it is time for change! For you are depleting your body. With the help of my professional guidance in accordance with the highly effective CSR © method (Chronic Stress Reversal), you can stop this depletion and start working on your recovery, so that you can once again live life with pleasure and energy.

Stress-related complaints and depletion do not occur overnight, but are a process that occurs insidiously. For our body’s response to stress is a very natural adaptation mechanism. It makes you more energetic and focused in all kinds of activities. However, things go wrong when you do not replenish your energy properly, when you do not “recharge” your battery in time.

When this is the case over a long period of time, your body goes into chronic “overdrive”. You find it increasingly difficult to relax. It becomes increasingly difficult to recharge and you do not recover after your exertions. If your symptoms are so bad that you no longer function well at home or at work, you have a nervous breakdown. A few months’ rest can help you resume your activities. However, if you stay in overdrive, there will come a time when you can’t do anything at all. That is when you have a burnout.

CSR © method

Do you have initial or even advanced stress symptoms? I will guide you with the help of the CSR © method. This approach consists of three phases in which depletion is halted and work can be done on restoring vitality. This will ultimately create space for activities, making plans and work again.

Using the CSR © questionnaire, I will identify the nature and severity of your stress symptoms. Then I will draw up a support plan for physical, emotional and mental recovery. The first signs of improvement will become apparent within six weeks.

The approach is practical with many tools and tips, including:

  • Psycho-education
  • How to relax, really recharge and set priorities
  • Daily planning aimed at recovery
  • Improving body awareness and breathing
  • Building up vitality (energy reserves)
  • Adopting different behaviour (recognising and indicating boundaries and taking better care of yourself)
  • Preparing for reintegration
  • Controlled build-up of reintegration
  • Improving fitness
  • Self-management at work
  • Consolidation of recovery

This is what you will gain:

  • Recognising your body’s reactions
  • Knowing your needs and acting upon them
  • Increased energy and vitality
  • Good work-life balance
  • Feeling happy; being cheerful again

In order to increase your self-knowledge, and if you so wish, you can take the following tests: