Jacoba van Egmond

“He who knows others is learned, and he who knows himself is wise.”- Lao Tse

My professional story

After working as a nurse in Rwanda, I took a teacher training course at the Amsterdam School of Social Work and started work as a vocational trainer in the care sector. In addition to my job as a teacher and supervisor, I studied Education Studies with a minor in Occupational Organisational Psychology at Leiden University. I became increasingly fascinated by the behaviour of people in organisations.

At the age of 35, I left with my family for Africa, Kenya, where I worked as a Board Member Human Resources for the Dutch School in Nairobi. Back in the Netherlands, I continued my career in the HRM field, where I was responsible for Management Development of senior and middle management and for supervising projects and organisational changes.

In 2003, I chose to dedicate myself fully to guiding managers and professionals in their personal and professional development. I started my own coaching practice. Based on my own experiences of living and working abroad, I also focused on coaching expats.

In 2004, together with five colleagues, I developed a Post HBO (university of applied sciences programme) Coach Practitioner vocational training course. I became one of the Founding Partners of the Alba Academy and, as a trainer and core lecturer, I remained associated with the institute until 2018.

Contributing to awareness through coaching is my passion. I continue to follow training courses about how to learn with your “head, body and heart” and the role that socio-emotional and spiritual intelligence plays in this context.

Professional references

  • EMCC/NOBCO Master Practitioner Coach
  • Partner of CSR Centre, stress and burnout coaching according to the CSR method©
  • Register of Psychosynthesis and Imagination Coaches and Counsellors
  • Licence holder Bar-On Emotional Quotient – Inventory TM ©
  • Member of Jung Association

Professional development

  • Stress prevention and intervention according to the CSR © method -  CSR Centre
  • Shields training course for coaches and therapists - DFGS, levels 1 t/m 4
  • Awareness coaching training course - Elenchis
  • Systemic annual training, supervising of constellations in groups and in individual coaching - Academy of Psychodynamics
  • Five-year Symbolic Psychology training course on the basis of C.G. Jung including two in-depth years of Mythology and Tarot - Odrerir Foundation
  • Programme of Psychosynthesis and Imagination in coaching and counselling - School for Imagination
  • Advanced training in Transactional Analysis - Phoenix education programmes: TA 101 Certificate
  • EQ-i Certification - PEN Psychodiagnostics
  • Intervision group for independent coaches and team coaches
  • Various vocational training courses and workshops, including: Masterclass Associative Techniques at the School for Coaching as well as the Voice Dialogue and Transactional analysis workshops 
  • Research into my coaching approach  under the supervision of Dr Johan Bouwer. We co-wrote an article that was published in the International Coaching Psychology Review in 2012