Jacoba van Egmond

“I believe that everything has meaning and that nothing happens at random.”

My drive

As a European accredited Master Practitioner Coach and educationalist, I specialise in work and organisational psychology and organisational change. With great dedication and pleasure, I have been guiding managers and professionals in their development, both individually and in teams, since 2003. Based on my professional expertise and rich life experience, I focus on people’s personal and professional development in the context of organisations.

My drive lies in being able to contribute to people’s awareness, in the broadest sense of the word. I believe that everything has meaning and that nothing happens at random. Moreover, we are part of a greater whole and relate not only to ourselves, but also to others and the world around us. This interaction continually challenges us to address the big and small life questions, and by connecting with your head, body and heart, finding a united solution with your experiences to help you on your way to an inspired, meaningful life.

During our meeting, I will devote all my skills and attention to making contact with you and your questions. Using my observations, intuition and analytical skills, I will guide you to get to the root of your questions, providing you with the support to find the answers, which are in tune with your circumstances and with who you are.

A coaching process is intended to be an enriching experience for you: together, we will look at all the aspects in depth, but remember that lightness and humour can also play an important role on the path to finding meaning.

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