Jacoba van Egmond

“The more aware you become, the wiser your choices will be.”

My vision

Life means changing and growing, at every stage of life. You are constantly making new choices, consciously and unconsciously. The more aware you become, the wiser your choices will be. That is what I call leadership over yourself.

Awareness means that you get in touch with all your experiences, whether they are wonderful, painful or simply mundane. On that basis, you can give your experiences meaning, integrate them into “who you are”. And then something “magical” happens: the experience transforms, “dissolves”, so that life feels lighter, more spacious and full of opportunity. That is what I call “the art of living”.

Life is also about finding balance, achieving wholeness. That is what you will be looking for in a coaching process with me. I will hold up a mirror to you, so that you can find a connection with yourself and create space for personal and professional growth, for relevance and meaning.