Jacoba van Egmond

“The beauty of intervision is that the output of a case input produces great benefits for you and your work concerns immediately.”

Guided intervision

  • I am troubled by the performance of the project group I lead. How do I take on my role?
  • I seem to be unable to gain my director's trust, which makes me very insecure. How can I deal with this better?
  • I am to hold a presentation to the Management Team. How can I overcome my insecurity?
  • How do I handle the upcoming organisational change, when I know more than I am able and permitted to tell the people I lead?
  • How do I get the various team members more in line, with conflicts and different characters playing a part?
  • How do I create a clear vision of future developments together with my team?
  • How do I deal with all the uncertainty and fear that team members have because of the upcoming round of layoffs?

Are these questions familiar to you? Questions you encounter in your daily work practice? And do you feel there is little opportunity to discuss your problems with your colleagues or a group of professionals? Then it is time to change that!

In an intervision group, you will discuss your work problems and get the opportunity to reflect on your own actions with colleagues or other professionals, under my guidance. You will learn about your own approach to work, your problem-solving abilities and your communication patterns. You will be provided with solutions that you can put into practice immediately.

Intervision works in groups of five to seven participants at most. In a self-guided and reflection-based learning process, you and your colleagues will support each other on the basis of equality. I will guide the process, while the chosen method will be leading, in combination with good listening and questioning techniques by the participants. My guidance is aimed at getting the group to master the different methodologies, the different roles and, above all, the conversation techniques. You will also advise each other and come to solutions and insights.

During intervision, you will use a workbook I have developed to prepare the meetings independently and conduct the intervision in accordance with the method.

The beauty of intervision is that the output of a case input produces great benefits for you and your work concerns immediately.