Jacoba van Egmond

“There is a space between stimulus and response. In that space lies our ability to make a choice.” -Viktor Frankl

What I do

I guide managers and professionals in their personal and professional development, focussing on developing leadership qualities, by addressing both work-related and personal questions. Life questions that need answers are examined and by offering a listening ear, I hold up a mirror to you and provide specific tools allowing you to learn how to deal with the challenges you face in your life. I help you to develop and use your emotional intelligence, an important portal to self-knowledge and indispensable in dealing with important people in your life. Well-developed emotional intelligence makes you resilient, energetic, effective and increases your happiness.

In addition to life questions in the broadest sense, I specialise particularly in prevention and recovery from stress and burnout and in career development. To this end, knowing what drives you is a tool to help you refocus and make choices, so that you can take steps towards inspired work and vitality in your life.

I also work with teams, with a focus on improving team communication and team development. I also offer intervision guidance, a form of group coaching where all participants learn from each other on the basis of contributed experiences.